WiFi Module Interfacing with online database

I am trying to build a small project where a phone can send data via wifi to a wifi module which shows up on an online database. I am unsure if what I am trying to do is unclear, if so let me know and I will try to be more descriptive. How can I go about linking a wifi module to an online database? (maybe Firebase) Are there any models that are better than others for this type of use?

Thank you !

One key question is how You will make the phone to select the proper data and send it "anyware". Do You have apps,.... needed for that?

Of course an Arduino can receive that Wifi data and send it to an online database using a Wifi receiver and an Internet transmitter.

Not clear to me if you want to pull data from an existing online database or store your data in an online db. If the latter, see if Blynk can cover your needs. I found it to be a nice way to interface sensor nodes with smartphone/tablet, and Blynk acts as an online database.