Wifi "network found" sensing

After using netstumbler for some wardriving, I came up with the idea of adding a motorized rotating base to my home-built directional wifi antenna with my arduino. To do this and have the arduino stop rotation when it senses a network, the software would need to communicate with processing or other computer-side code. Netstumbler can play a note via midi when a network is found, but I am unaware of any way to read midi events with processing or other code. Any ideas?

Thanks, normaldotcom

i guess in a really really crude way, anything that outputs anything (i.e. some kind of speaker playing your midi tone) could be hooked up and "read".

In such case, you could attach it to an interrupt, set it to changes (provided its stable, maybe you could put a cap across it) and that could stop it.

Would be a dirty hack, but i think it would work.