Wifi proximity detector

newbie here. am a coder but lack experience with arduino.
Im looking at building some wearable device that will, when within a certain range of another similar wifi device, exchange details and notify both parties. so a prox sensor with effective range of between what id assume will be 20 to 30 metres.

Has anyone thought of something like this?
Whats the easiest way to add wifi to an arduino board (if possible)
...if not what about bluetooth altho id rather not use it.

if anyones written code like this before, a snippet would be great. like I said I just need a pointer in the right direction. Ive read tons but everyone seems to be contradicting each other so a dev forum like this seems my best bet.

thanks in advance. this is gona be my first arduino project so wish me luck.


There are xbee shields that can be sewn into clothing:


The xbees can be programmed to find other xbees in range, and communicate with each other.

How many such devices are you wanting to have communicate with each other?

oh youre gona love this. the number of devices.
um.. an indeterminate amount of devices. but realistically a handful just to show that it can be done with multiple devices. so say 5 or 6 just because.

I'll go check the link in a min but it sounds, from what you say that this sort of thing has already been addressed which will make my job that much easier :slight_smile:

I am looking at eventually having some way of easily adding other devices to the list, so that people that have one can easily add someone else maybe by pressing a button and slapping the devices together. Then afterwards, when someone is detected as being in range, mehbe not only a beep but an id so you know whos just dropped into range.

its an idea. im more interested in proof of concept atm.

ima gona go check that link. thanks for your help :slight_smile: