WiFi randomly stucks (WL_NO_SHIELD)


I am using the WiFi included in the nano 33 IoT board with an external SD card reader (two SPI devices, right?). The issue I get occurs randomly after X minutes when I use both WiFi and SD card. After some investigation, I found out the WiFi status is always WL_NO_SHIELD when the WiFi got stuck. Moreover, usually it is a permanent stuck but sometimes the WiFi automatically restores after some seconds. I tried without SD card plugged (or not initialized) and the issue seems not occurring.

I do not share the code yet because I don't know if it is really helpful but will do if needed. After a research on the web and my tests, it seems a conflict caused by the two SPI devices used together. What do you guys think? I am pretty new in Arduino world so I would like to have your suggestions on how I should handle multiple SPI devices like WiFi and SD card readers because I feel I am missing something basic on this topic. I plugged the SD in this way:

| SD   | Arduino |
| 3v3  | 3v3     |
| CS   | D10     |
| MOSI | D11     |
| CLK  | D13     |
| MISO | D12     |
| GND  | GND     |

I am using SD, WiFiNINA and WiFiUdp arduino standard libraries and started frm example codes available on the arduino website used to:

  • Read/write files on SD
  • Send/receive UDP messages

Thank you for your support.

Welcome to the forum.

I just played with a system like yours for a little bit and did not have any issue so far.
When done properly having multiple SPI devices should work. (This is not in your hand mostly, but a question how the libraries work.)

Please do, I will have a look trough your code.

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