wifi rc car with a camera

(sorry for the english not native :roll_eyes: )
I'm trying to make a robot with arduino. Our idea is to use and old rc car (that we own) and control it with a pc via wifi or bluetooth. We want to put a camera on the rc car too.
We alredy have an arduino uno.
I have been looking and the main problem is the camera any ideas on that?
And my idea to control the car with the pc is using wifly but a friend said that xbee is better and I don't know which one to use.
Thanks a lot

One problem with converting RC cars into robots is most of them are much
too fast to control well from a microcontroller and typical sensors, like off
the shelf sonars. It's best to choose a car that drives fairly slowly, like a few feet
per sec max.

In regards a camera, you can get a wifi cam, or one that operates at 2.4GHZ
and has it's own transmitter built in, and a custom receiver. eg,


The latter requires a video capture adapter for your PC, or else a separate AV

In regards RF link, you can get wifi modules that plug into reqular XBee boards,
so this allows you to experiment with either XBee or wifi. Eg, XVee,


As you want to control your robot over wifi you can do 2 things to control the robot

  1. use a ethernet shield and a wireless router
  2. use a wifi card
    If you go for the first option you can use a ipcam and plug it into the router.

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With the camera we can take real time "photos" of wifi (and we're working towards having video too). These show how our physical structures are illuminated by this particular electromagnetic phenomenon and we are even able to see the shadows that our bodies cast within such "hertzian" spaces

Check this website out. Im trying to do the same thing using an arduino ethernet but I am not very good at programming.

Controlling your car over WiFi is good, but mounting a webcam on it so you can actually see where youโ€™re going is even better.

I have a question. Could you use different shields to connect the camera? For instance I saw another tutorial that used a WiShield, which receives / transmits a wireless signal. I was wondering if you could combine the arduino, WiShield, and an ethernet shield so you could get rid of the router. It may be more money but it would look cleaner imo.