WiFi reconnection

I use a Yun with temperature probes storing values in a SD card. To monitor the datas, I ask it trought the WiFi AP with my PC or my mobile.

The problem is, in case of power down of Yun and the WiFI AP, the Yun starts more quickly as the AP Modem router. Without WiFi AP signal, it comes in the setup config, sendig the SSID "Arduino un-XXXXXXX" and I must reconfigure the WiFi link, not so easy in the cave of the house.

Note if the WiFi AP is powered off, then on, the Yun reconnect correctly.

I tried to set a static address, by the LuCI Web panel, but without better results. Any idea?

This is a "feature" of the Yun, so that when you accidentally make a mistake when setting up your WiFi, it reverts back to the AP mode so you can try again. But once you have it set up properly, it can be more trouble than it's worth.

The answer is in /etc/rc.local, which is a script that is run every time at startup. One of the commands in there is wifi-live-or-reset. This command checks for a live WiFi connection, and if none is found, resets back to AP mode. You need to comment out this command.

On the Yun's web configuration pages, go to the System | Startup tab, and at the bottom of the page is a large edit box for rc.local: find the wifi-live-or-reset line and put a # in front of it to comment it out. Save and restart, and it will keep trying to connect to your network, it should no longer go back to AP mode if it can't make a connection.

Or, if you are comfortable on the Linux command line, you can edit the file directly.

Fine! Thank you. With nano, edited quickly and easily.