Wifi Rev 2 as BLE Central

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I'am trying to get my Arduino Wifi Rev 2 to act a central role with BLE. When using the sample sketches (Scan, PeripheralExplorer), it shows adresses, but no local names, nor can I connect to a device. When using the Lightblue app on my Phone I see devices with local names that are advertising.

I am running the WiFiNINA firmware 1.2.4 and using the ArduinoBLE lib version 1.1.1

Is this a know issue and is there solution for this?


Central(Uno WiFi rev2) and Peripheral(mkr 1010)

First, upload the code from peripheral on mkr 1010 i.e LED
Secondly, then open the code from Central as Peripheral Explorer on UNO wiFi rev2 and open the serial monitor. Then, its gets connected to the peripheral with LED as shown in the serial monitor output below

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BLE Central - Peripheral Explorer
Found 1e:af:83:42:4b:f1 '' 
Found 19:84:f7:1e:c4:e8 '' 
Found 0a:f8:80:d5:05:21 '' 
Found 00:94:6b:cc:e5:94 '' 
Found 2a:95:2e:14:9f:2c '' 
Found 1e:35:fc:33:74:df '' 
Found 30:ac:56:63:e5:73 '' 
Found 24:79:4e:8b:a2:57 '' 
Found 1f:5d:e5:7f:45:45 '' 
Found 08:83:16:ed:fb:84 '' 
Found 80:7d:3a:85:da:ee 'LED' 19b10000-e8f2-537e-4f6c-d104768a1214
Connecting ...
Discovering attributes ...
Attributes discovered

Device name: Arduino
Appearance: 0x0

Service 1800
	Characteristic 2a00, properties 0x2, value 0x41726475696E6F
	Characteristic 2a01, properties 0x2, value 0x0000
Service 1801
	Characteristic 2a05, properties 0x20
		Descriptor 2902, value 0x0000
Service 19b10000-e8f2-537e-4f6c-d104768a1214
	Characteristic 19b10001-e8f2-537e-4f6c-d104768a1214, properties 0xA, value 0x11

Disconnecting ...

Many thanks for your reply. Couldn't get it working with a Beetle BLE but works fine with two Wifi rev 2 boards, gets me on the road again!