wifi rgb light remote

hey guys ill start with im chris and very new to this stuff now im wanting to make myself a wifi controlled rgb light setup but don't want to tie up my iphone's data connection

so i wish to make a remote i rather wifi but i would still go with bluetooth

i plan on using 1 or 2 of those rechargeable 18650 batteries and use a voltage regulator module as i know they hold a fair bit of power and can always be recharged as needed

the actual setting up of the lights etc isnt a issue their is heaps of variations that have been done and are explained in depth so i can pick and choose my options for what i like

Hi, you might want to think about using one of these:


don't want to tie up my iphone's data connection

What does this mean?

umm...good luck? :slight_smile: lol..

seriously.. was there a question in there?

if you dont want to use your iPhones 'data' (not sure what you mean though?)..then I suggest a bluetooth module.

they are dead easy to work with. You could also develop/write an app for your phone that uses its bluetooth to control the app a bit easier then just a regular bluetooth terminal type app...as well as another arduino device if you want a dedicated 'remote'

Are you planning on using high powered RGB leds? (like an led star?), if so you need to focus on making/implementing a constant current driver for this as well.

sorry i mean by " don't want to tie up my iphone's data connection" to not have to be connected via wifi as then my iphone will use mobile data for apps etc when im home as it gets a limited amount of data