Wifi security using RC FPV cams

Hello everyone. I'm just starting out in this incredible realm of Raspberry Pi and Arduino, so please be patient. I'm a medically retired combat vet with a lot of time on my hands while I recover, so I thought this would be fun and challenging to try. I'm big into RC Multirotor FPV, and I've got about 5 FatShark CMOS cameras on servos (http://goo.gl/c1hu1Z) that I thought might work with an Arduino board of sorts. I figure each camera will be attached to its own board, which will then be wirelessly connected to a hub. I'd rather it be wired, as not to put more strain on my crap Internet signal. Is this feasible? I want to use these, because they're low power consumption, already on servos, and they're good cameras. Any and all help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.