wifi serial commenition and webserver

Hi All,

Before i go too far down this route, i was wondering of it was possible to expand on my project that already works.

Currently I have and Arduino mega controlling points (turnouts), isolation sections and night scenes via relays and position indicators leds on a model railway. There is currently a Bluetooth connection between two of the baseboards of the railway. for simple communication - i.e. it sends a single character to the second board, and the points change depending on the character sent (a,b,c...etc.)

I would like to extend this to other baseboards, but obviously Bluetooth is a 1-2-1 commutation. I was therefore thinking wifi to broadcast serial commands network wide. I have a wemos mega, NodeMCU ESP8266 and D1 and will get extra d1's or nodeNodeMCU ESP8266's if needed for the railway, which is why i am looking at it being expandable.

I would also like to be able to put some of the control on a webpage, simple indication and control.

before i go too far down this route, is it actually possible to do this?

Many thanks for your time

is it actually possible to do this?

Yes. Whether you can do it, only you can answer.

Thats great, thank you.

It means will invest time into looking into the methods.