wifi shield and Pachube

I have connected Wifi shield to a sensor to make it comunicate through internet to a database.
As database I am trying for the moment to use Pachube which is a website where it is possible to register sensors (inside or outside) and get data for their activities.
At the moment I have found(with some friend’s help) the patch for arduino to comunicate with pachube through ethernet.
But I am looking to make it comunicate through Wifi.
I was wondering if you have any suggestion about how this could work, if I have to write the patch myself or are there any defined.


Basically there is no difference in connecting to Pachube via WiFi or wired ethernet once you get past the fundamentals of communicating with your WiFi shield. In both cases, Pachube will be expecting a HTTP PUT, formatted to include the feed URL, your API key and data for uploading. If you know how to write commands to your WiFi shield, just refer to the documentation at Pachube for the correct formatting for the HTTP PUT and you'll be uploading in no time.

Cheers ! Geoff