WiFi Shield doesn't communicate

Hi all,

i've got a big big problem with the arduino wifi shield.
i'm trying to make it communicate with a pc located in the same LAN, but i'm not able to.
By now i managed to connect it to the network, and it receives the IP address and i can also ping it.
The problem is that it doesn't seem to send or receive any UDP packet and neither accept nor request a tcp connection.

I've read that it could be a firmware problem, and i've checked that its firmware version is the 1.0.0.

Thank you :slight_smile:

The problem is that it doesn't seem to send or receive any UDP packet

Which WiFi shield? The Arduino one does not (yet) support UDP.

So the problem is arduino uno and not wifi shield?

@PaulS: It apparently does UDP now. I haven't tested it.

If you really really want UDP you will need to upgrade your shield firmware to the one included in Arduino IDE 1.0.4 and use the library in that IDE version.
My experience with that firmware is the server crashes when I use an iOS client. Otherwise it has all the same restrictions as previous firmware. FYI, I have found 3 firmwares but only two version numbers. Two different firmware versions have the same 1.0.0 version number :slight_smile:

Finally a good answer :slight_smile: I have arduino 1.0.5 installed on my pc. Can you link me a guide to do the upgrade on windows?
Have you tried with an Android client too?
Thank you very much!

Just go here:

Not the most clear instruction but I managed to upgrade after a few tries. I have no problem with Android using firefox mobile, and PC browsers such as IE, chrome, and firefox. I can access the arduino web server with upgraded firmware all day long with these systems but if I do iOS for once then the server will no longer return any client. I have to reset arduino. The original firmware didn't have this problem so good luck.

Worth it!

I followed this guide: not_found
I downloaded firmware from Arduino official repository on github and now it can use udp protocol. Thanks guys!

PS= download AVR Studio 2.6 not 2.5

I am a total newbie and I am wondering if the Arduino WiFI Shield will work with the AT&T 2-Wire wifi in my home? Also, I have a Mac with a Time Capsule that also has built-in wifi. Does anyone know if that will work with the Arduino WiFI Shield?