Wifi Shield not present

Hey guys!

I am in trouble with connecting a wifi shield(CC3000, which doesn't have a usb port, that is, only can be used by connecting with the Arduino) with Arduino R3.

After I connected it with the Arduino perfectly, I tried a few source codes such as driver patch 1_11 and buildtest from adafruit CC 3000 library.

But it said that 'wifi shield not present' or 'initializing CC3000.....' And nothing happened.

Would give some tips or how to get through this?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Hi - Tips :

A link to your CC3000 shield
A diagram of how you have it connected if its not a shield
post the code you actually used, or a direct link (But an attachment is better)

We cannot guess what you have, and the above information is the minimum required.