wifi shield not present

When attempting to run the example code for connecting to a WPA network on an arduino zero connecting to the wifi shield 101, I continually get the serial message "wifi shield not present". When the arduino zero is connected to the computer, the on LED turns on on the wifi shield. Additionally, when I run code that prints out sensor readings from a sensor that I have connected to the zero through the wifi shield, I can receive the outputs. This leads me to believe that the shield and the arduino are properly connected, so I am unsure as to why I am getting this error. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello Techgoddess07,

I'm going to blame the connections. Here's the long story:

I tried the same setup here. It was working last week but today it wouldn't. The Zero wouldn't even run blink on its native programming port. So I took everything apart and retried blink, and it worked. After I put it all together it wouldn't run blink on the programming port but when I tried the native port it worked! So I plugged in the programming port again, seated the Micro-B USB connector firmly, and it worked!! Then I ran the ScanNetworks example (I started the Serial Monitor before uploading) and it worked just fine.

My point from this is that the Micro-B connector was not the best choice, sometimes one of the little pins doesn't connect and then the extra current load from a shield causes things to flake out. I wish they had used the more robust Mini-B connector like SparkFun does. And use good quality USB cables, not the cheap ones.

The minor point is that the ScanNetworks example is an easy tool to test that things are working because it doesn't need any configuration and reruns its scan every 10 seconds, allowing time to wiggle connections.

I tried different USB cables and even powered the Arduino Zero board through the jack connector, to no avail.

Any clue of what's going wrong?

I have the same problem since I tried to update Wifi Shield Firmware.

No one has a solution for this?

I'm having same problem. I keep reading advice to update firmware for the Wifi 101 Sheild, and that I should connect the USB to the sheild. But how do I connect the USB to the sheild? There is no USB connection socket.

Hi, are you using latest version of IDE and wifi101 library? currently IDE 1.6.9 and Wifi101 0.9.1 I strongly suggest to update any software.

connect the wifi101 to a board (i'm trying with a Zero): then try to run the sketch "Checkwifi101firmwareversion" from the wifi101 library examples.

open monitor you should see :

WiFi101 firmware check.

WiFi101 shield: DETECTED Firmware version installed: 19.4.4 Firmware version required : 19.4.4

Check result: PASSED

minimum version is 19.4.4

Hi Andrea, thanks for your message. I am using those versions for the IDE and the WiFi101 library. When I run any of the sketches it says Wifi Shield not detected. I think the shield is faulty :(