wifi shield promiscuous mode

I am interested in monitoring wifi packets received by shield however I cannot find any APIs in wifi library to receive raw packets.

Basically something similar : http://freaklabs.org/index.php/WSBridge.html : this is for capturing, raw 802.15.4 data frames, i need it for 802.11.

Has anyone tried this? Do I need to update something at Atmega 32UC3 level?

Any information on this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I don't know how deep you wanna go, but the current communication protocol between the shield and the Arduino library does not provide the functionality to access any packets other than TCP (UDP isn't enabled too). So, yes, you'll have to code on the AT32UC3 level but keep in mind, this is not an Arduino platform, it's a 32bit AVR processor with a completely different tool chain.

I would like to be able capture Probe Request or Probe Response kind of packets. I looked at code on git however I still don't understand if I modify this code, will enable me to capture above mentioned packets.

The first question we have to ask is: does the SPB104 module support accessing these low level packets?

Sorry to post to an old topic, but anyone find anything out about this? I am also interested in using wifi in promiscuois mode to delve into raw packet data.