wifi shield static ip

hello everyone ,

this is the first post here and i hope i found a solution for my problem which is :

i have a wifi shield " old firmware" and when i use example of " wifiWebServer" in serial shows me that it is connected and gives me the ip but when i open the page gives me " not found" in all browsers .

then i found out that i have to downgrade my arduino IDE to 1.0.2 and it works great … but there is no “wifi.config()” method in the old version library to set a static ip for my wifi shield now

i just wanna a method in the old library that can do same action or to solve the problem of " not found page" in the latest version 1.0.6 and then use the config() method …

i will be so grateful if you could help me


If you want to use the config function, you must upgrade the wifi firmware. After you upgrade, then you must use an IDE version v1.0.4 or later.