Wifi Shield WLS06201P not working on my Due

Hello everybody,

I try to use a Wifi Shield WLS06201P with my Due but it does not work.

I plug the shield (4 connectors + SPI) + additional power supply conected to the Arduino Due board, 2 jumpers installed on Wifi shield as indicated in the user guide (TX and RX). (see attched picture)

On the shield, I observe the following :

  • Power led is on
  • D5 (green) and D1 (red) are both flashing

And when I start the WifiWebClient example, it says “WiFi shield not present” after about 30 seconds ?!

I have read somewhere that pins 3 and 7 should be connected together, but when I do that, the “WiFi shield not present” is displayed immediately…

Questions :

  • should I connect another power supply to the shield’s J1 or J11 connectors ?
  • what about this pin 3 and 7 connexion ?
  • something else to connect for Due ?

Thanks for your help,