Wifi Shield?

Hi All,

I am trying to work out which is the widely accepted standard wifi shield for the Arduino Mega 2560 that can easily connect to a smartphone-created hotspot without me losing all my digital IO (as they're used for other stuff).

I have found that the official Arduino one is discontinued and there seems to be conflicting info out there with many people making them.

The one I most often see is something like the ESP8266, but it just seems to be a 4 pin module. Others I have seen are a whole daughterboard that covers the entire mega or uno.

Thank you in anticipation.

The ESP8266 shields (AKA daughterboard) only actually use 2 IO pins of your Mega. Some of them only have the option to connect to pins 0 and 1. Others have a switch where you can chose between two different sets of pins (which is convenient since 0 and 1 are already used for uploading and printing to Serial Monitor). The power and ground pins will also be connected to the shield but those can also be used for other things (as long as you don't exceed the maximum current rating). All the other pins just pass straight through the shield.