Wifi Smart Bulb Hacking

Been using Arduino for a long time now but I never ventured into the networking possibilities. Recently, I bought one of those cheap wifi smart bulbs with dimming capability. I can use my echo dot or phone to control it but when I am in a rush I miss a physical switch. I would like to do a project using an arduino and wifi shield to control the bulb but I am not sure if this is possible or where to start in learning more about networking. I have an average amount of knowledge about local networks and how they work but would not say I am an expert and have never done any custom projects with them like I have with all the other capability of Arduino. Are there sniffer tools to monitor network traffic to the ip of the smart bulb? Can commands be sent by the arduino which the bulb would interpret as me controlling it through my phone app which would come from outside my local network from the apps cloud account? Just looking for a place to start with this project as I don't think I have the knowledge now to ask the "right" questions to get the info I would need.

If you need a tool to analyze network traffic you need to investigate Wireshark. It is free and open source.


The easiest way is to listen to connections between the device and your PC because the data is automatically routed to your PC. There are possibilities to listen to WiFi connections where your PC is not the sender or receiver, but this is not supported by all WiFi cards an operating system combination. Check the FAQ.


An alternative approach would be to use Alexa (Echo Dot use Alexa) to detect a switch change and activate the Wifi Smart Bulb accordingly. There are libaries available for the Arduino to work with Alexa. Might be quicker and simpler (avoids trying to decode the network messages), but you may not learn as much about the networking side of things.

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