WiFi.status() returns WL_NO_SHIELD on wifi rev 2

I’m new to Arduino (this is my third sketch). Please, if you will, define any acronyms.
Problem. I downloaded the WifiWebServer.ino, changed the wifi.h to wifinina.h, update the ssid and password.
if (WiFi.status() == WL_NO_SHIELD) {
Serial.println(“WiFi shield not present”);
// don’t continue:

returns no shield code, doesn’t make sense, the wifi chip set is on the board.
After lots of hours spent on this, I found out that updating the firmware, without performing the third step, add domain,
arduino.cc:443, corrects this problem. After changing the SSID to 2.5Ghz, this whole sketch works fine.
Possibly this is related to not being able to update firmware to 1.7.0 (even though the IDE shows this is installed). The firmware update tool only shows, 1.3.0 as the latest firmware level.

Why does adding domain arduino.cc:443, result in no shield for the status call?
Is this related to the inability to install 1.7.0 firmware?

Thank you.

WebServer.ino (3.87 KB)

does anyone have any ideas?
No replies so far, is there something wrong with this post? Is there something missing?
Thank you.