WiFi video + control

Hello I need to design a system which can be capable to control position of the PTZ camera (up-down, left-right) via iPhon iPad Android, also will be able to receive and record to them good resolution video from the camera. Where do I start?

Im going to assume you will be using an arduino somewhere in that mix, otherwise this is the wrong forum for that.

Now, knowing that the arduino can NOT handle video, I would think you will need to look for something that will actually be able to process video and transmit it to the ipad/phone and android. You will also need the devices to transmit data via bluetooth or wifi to the arduino to control the servos need to move the camera. As far as recording the videos, I couldn't tell you.

I do know that the razzberry Pi can handle video and it is possible to interface it with the arduino, but I have never actually used a razzberry Pi before.

Do a search in the forum for projects that include the razzberry Pi.

Thank you

A foscam might have what you need.


Thank you zoomkat, that is it !

kelvinmost: Thank you zoomkat, that is it !

They seem to have a very active support forum which is a good thing.