Wifi101 0.9.0 Compilation Issue

I am unable to compile several Wifi101 examples because of a compilation in the 0.9.0 Wifi101 library:

WiFiMdnsResponder.cpp: In member function 'bool WiFiMDNSResponder::parseRequest()':
WiFiMdnsResponder.cpp:152:61: error: 'memcmp_P' was not declared in this scope
if (memcmp_P(request, expectedRequestHeader, HEADER_SIZE) == 0 && // request header match

FiWiMdnsResponder.cpp:154.72: error: 'strncasecmp' was not declared in this scope
strncasecmp(name.c_str(), (char*)requestName, requestNameLength) == 0 && // name match

the 0.8.0 library compiles successfully. I am running Arduino IDE 1.6.8.

Please see the following for info: