WiFi101 Certificate Upload Exception, No Details?

Hello! I am trying to upload the certs from an Amazon AWS managed service and the WiFi101 cert upload fails and the popup telling me it failed is empty (see screenshot).

The domain is in fact TLS on port 443. Not sure what to do when it doesn’t even tell you what the problem is!

Domain: dstlr.subnoize.com



I figured this one out on my own BUT! it still needs to be addressed...

The fact I had security (requires a login) the cert download failed in the Arduino WiFi101 Firmware app. I had to disable the security (very dangerous if this was a real app) in order to make it work.

Either Arduino needs to add the user, password promt or it needs to touch the server to get the cert and not try to download the html. Do a header call would be the best option.

Anyways, I got it to work after pulling off my shorts and exposing myself to the world. Not fun!!!! Please fix ASAP.


Hi @subnoize,

Thanks for letting us know about this. Could you please open an issue on Github for this: Issues · arduino/WiFi101-FirmwareUpdater-Plugin · GitHub