WiFi101 library CSMA/CD for UDP packets ?


I have used the WiFi101 library to get some MKR1000s to send data in user datagram protocol UDP packets to a port on my laptop, they just stream data to the port. Presumably the WiFi101 library has carrier sense multiple access / collision detect (CSMA/CD) or something similar implemented to stop packets from multiple devices colliding. I'm pretty sure about this because I have measured the number of dropped packets and it is very small. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find documentation detailing what they have implemented to prevent collisions ect ?

WiFi (802.11) is a radio protocol. Packet collisions appear to the receiver like any other interference. It’s not csma/cd but rather csma/ca. By using Clever timing and rts/cts frames, collisions can be avoided. The ca in csma/ca is collision avoidance.