WiFi101 --> Uno / Motor Shield ---> Zero = Compatible?

I have tried every version of the Arduino IDE.

I get the Uno to recognize the WiFi 101 shield, but it cannot connect to the network. It just keeps searching for the connection like a lost lamb. If I move the shield over to the Arduino Zero board, everything works flawlessly.

However, I need to use another shield, Motor Shield r3, in order to drive a linear actuator via WiFi. That shield doesn't work with the Zero board. If I plug a Tinkerkit Mosfet module to output on pin 6 of the Motor Shield, lets say, the Tinkerkit module lights up as if it is receiving the instructions, but nothing is happening. There is no PWM control. Whether I connect relays, or hall sensors, the same thing happens. Then I move the motor shield with Tinkerkit modules over to the Uno and everything works flawlessly.

So my problem is that I can't use both boards at once. Zero is not communicating with the Motor Shield. Uno is not communicating with WiFi 101. I need one of the boards to run both shields.

What am I missing? Does the Motor Shield r3 require 5v but the Zero board only outputs 3.3? If so, is there a simple way to step up the voltage? Are people successfully using the WiFi 101 shield with the Arduino Uno?

Thank you for any help.

So... I rolled back the Wi-Fi 101 library to an earlier version and it works perfectly with the Uno now.

The Tinkerkit Mosfet module requires 5v. I just need to step up certain modules when using them with the Zero board.