WiFiManager Alternatives / Configuration portals for ESP8266


Can someone point me to a convenient library (or a set) for WiFi configuration and custom application parameter settings (MQTT, other sketch config options) for the ESP8266?
I am looking for a solution where

  • the portal is always accessible on the home network (not like WiFiManager)
  • probably supports doubleReset out of the box (e.g. for hard config reset)
  • stable
  • well maintained (some libs are older than 4 years w/o any updates, do not work with current lib versions - e.g. ArduinoJSON 6, ...)

ESP_WiFiManager could be an option, but it is rather new and has only two contributors.

I already thought about utilizing the tasmota or espeasy stack. I am just not sure if I really want to introduce this level of complexity.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

look at PersWiFiManager


Links to documentation on git do not work any more :-/