WiFiNINA Firmware Upgrade to 1.4.2?

I received my new Uno WiFi Rev 2 board. I installed the WifiNina 1.8.0 library and updated the firmware using the Wifi101 / WifiNINA Firmware/Certificates Updater tool. The latest version in the tool is 1.3.0. Here is the code I used to determine the firmware version:

String fv = WiFi.firmwareVersion();
Serial.print("Current firmware version is: ");Serial.println(fv);
Serial.print("Latest firmware version is: ");Serial.println(WIFI_FIRMWARE_LATEST_VERSION);
Serial.println(“Please upgrade the firmware”);

Here is what the code output is:

Current firmware version is: 1.3.0
Latest firmware version is: 1.4.2
Please upgrade the firmware

How can I get the latest firmware installed?

Thanks, Bob

Apparently, the next release of Arduino IDE will allow this update. It’s been asked a few times here - there does not seem to be a downside to staying at the current version of firmware you have.