WifiShield and "Win7 Virtual Wifi"/"Connectify"/"Virtual Router"-WLAN-hotspot

Hey there,

I again do have a question concerning the arduino Wifi-Shield (with HDG204-Chip) and I didn't find anything helpful on the internet and in this forum.
I figured out that the Wifi-Shield isn't capable of ad-hoc-connections as there is no DHCP-server to assign an IP-address. It needs infrastructure WLANs. The same is the matter with Android-phones btw, so I used my smartphone to crosscheck the connections.
So I tried to establish an infrastructure WLAN with my computer - which under Win7 is possible by setting up a Virtual Wifi or using some further software like Connectify or Virtual Router. Each of them provides a WPA2 Personal WLAN.
For each of these options I can connect my Android-phone successfully to the WLAN. The WifiShield is able to see those WLANS during a network scan (which it doesn't in case of ad-hoc-WLANS). But when I try to connect to it with the "ConnectWithWPA"-example-code, the red LED lights up after some seconds - which indicates, there is a communication error. But how do I figure out, what is causing the trouble? Serial.print(status) shows "0" before the error occurs. Switching to Arduino 1.0.3 doesn't help either, the same error occurs.
I know that the Wifi-shield is at least able to connect to some WLANs as I managed to connect it to a hotspot I created with my smartphone.

I found the following topic concerning similar problems, but there was not a single reply:

And in this topic, it seems like someone managed to connect to a Connectify hotspot as the SSID suggests so:

So somehow it seems possible to connect to such an hotspot?

Does anyone have any idea, what kind of communication error occurs? Or where I can look it up? Unfortunaltely I'm not too deep into the Wifi-libraries until now.

Thank you!

Does anyone have any idea?