WiFly Configuration Process - No response to $$$

Hi All.

Currently I have a Wifly on my arduino uno.

The configuration process involves using the serial monitor to send '$$$' to set the wifi shield into command mode. (From there i can tell it what to do)

I send the command $$$ but get no response. (I should get 'CMD')

The device is connected since I get:

Starting WebTime - Please wait. RAM :1226 Arduino Rx Pin (connect to WiFly Tx):0 Arduino Tx Pin (connect to WiFly Rx):1

So i type $$$ in carriage return.. but receive nothing.

When i send a command i see a LED light on the arduino (a message is being sent from my pc to it)

Has anyone come across a problem like this?

I have tried various libraries/examples etc.

Do I need to set my arduino into a reset mode or something?

I just cant get into command mode on the wifly.

Many thanks

[My Hardware: Arduino Uno (USB) Wifly RN-131C]

Post your schematics. Are you using an Arduino WiFly Shield?

Will do. Yea a Wifly Arduino Sheild

Schematic: http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/DevTools/Arduino/Wifly_Shield-v14.pdf

Really stuck on this to be honest.

I have my wifly shield connected to the arduino uno via spi pins 10-13. And it works alright as long as I have some other serial connection (usb or device on pins 0,1) Otherwise it doesn't, a bit strange but still it works fine then.

I don't know if you are also using usb, if so, then you can't use the serial 0,1 pins on the arduino without conflict.