WiFly library and Ethernet Shield library what to do ?


I was using the Ethernet library from Arduinos core libraries to do some ethernet stuff (NTP synchronization, HTTP request, etc…)

But right now i want to use the HTTPclient from http://interactive-matter.eu/how-to/arduino-http-client-library/ Interactive Matter.

But in the last updates of this library, they started using the WiFly library as way to control the ethernet and wireless hardware of arduino.
In the WiFly library they say this, and i quote:

The goal with this library is to make it–as much as possible–a “drop in” replacement for the official Arduino Ethernet library.


i wanted to know, how should i proceed to substitute the actual Ethernet library for the Wifly library.
Is it transparent? What should i be expecting and what cares should i take?

Does anyone know?


What hardware are you using for network connectivity? Physical Ethernet, the WiFly SPI shield or a WiFly breakout board?
… then use the library specific to your hardware.
Despite cool effort on the part of the HAL folks, wifi is not yet (AFAIK) perfectly interchangeable with hardwire Ethernet.


In the meanwhile i did that.

But i´m having problems with some buffering, i don´t know yet...