WiFly problem

Good day,

I have a problem compiling an example code on the Arduino 1.0 IDE from the Wifly example list.

When i compile it, it has this errors,

cannot declare variable 'client' to be of abstract type 'Client'

I'm using sparkfun's WiFly RN-131C shield. Is it a incompatible library problem or is it something i missed out on?

I will be modifying my code from a Ethernet enabled shield to a WiFly shield. trying to implement the basics which is the webclient sketch first.

Any help here would be appreciated!

Cheers, Kenneth

When i compile it

It would be nice it you posted the code. And said what version of the IDE you are using.

And said what version of the IDE you are using.

To be fair, he did.

on the Arduino 1.0 IDE

To be fair, he did.

So he did. Missed that. Sorry.

to be honest, i have no idea what’s wrong.

when i compile my program using the ethernet library,

#include <Ethernet.h>

the “Ethernet” will change orange

but now,

#include <WiFly.h>

doesn’t change orange! any clues?

i’ve got the library from here:

crap, sorry i should have googled it before posting it in here..

I've got a solution, the library i used wasn't compatible with my IDE version.

i've got a working library compatible with my version.

the link for the library for IDE 1.0 is:


apologise for the mistake!

thanks guys! (dxw00d and PaulS)

doesn't change orange! any clues?

I wouldn't worry too much about the colour coding. It relies on library writers providing files (called keywords.txt) with their libraries. Not everyone does.