WiFly questions

Hi All...

I am wondering what kind of luck people have had with the WiFly shields. From reading the data sheet and instruction manual and other sources, it seems that it has an HTTP client built in to it. Has anyone had any luck getting it to function as a web server?

I saw on SparkFun that there is an implication that you can write your own firmware for it, but I have not been able to confirm that. Does anyone know?


So the good news is that you can write your own firmware. The bad news is that RN wants $2,499 for the development kit! That's not happening!

It would be nice to just be able to use this nice off-the-shelf hardware with custom FW, but man, $2500 would buy a lot of generic ARM and WiFi chips, plus Bed Bath & Beyond's finest reflow toaster. Are there any WiFi transceiver ICs that are a) buyable off-the-shelf (hobby quantities, no NDA required), and b) have public datasheets (or well-enough reverse engineered by e.g. Linux driver hackers to be useful)?

I think there is a shield. Search this forum, I remember a lot of discussion about it some time ago.