Wifly RN-134 serial communication

I am trying to connect Uno with RN-134 wifi module. I connected pin 2 of Uno to TX and pin 3 to RX of Wifly through a 3.3-5 level shifter. And, I tried to test the connection, here is my code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial mySerial(2,3);
void setup() 
  Serial.println(" * Use $$ (with no line ending) to enter WiFly command mode. (\"CMD\")");
  Serial.println(" * Then send each command followed by a carriage return.");
  Serial.println("Waiting for input."); 

void loop() 
   while(mySerial.available() > 0) {
  if(Serial.available()) { // Outgoing data

The problem is whenever I try to enter to command mode, I get different kind of unreadable characters.
But if I use Mega2560, and use Serial3() in place of mySerial(), it works fine. And, Uno has only one serial, so I can’t use serial3.

What is wrong with the above code? I want to use Uno for this purpose, not Mega. And, I just want to have serial connection with RN134.

Thank you.


What is SpiSerial?

Sorry, it is not SpiSerial. It is mySerial. It was a mistake because I changed the name after I posted here. In my code its mySerial.

Sorry to bother again, but the problem is not solved yet. Does anyone knows why SofwareSerial of UNO is not working properly while Serial3 using Mega works fine?