Wifly rn-xv does not auto connect to WPA/WPA2 network

Entered the following commands : factory RESET set wlan phrase xxxxxxxx set wlan ssid myssidnetwork set ip a set ip dhcp 0 save reboot

The Wifly does not connect to the network automatically But when I execute scan and then I just connect using the command: join # 1 the wifly connects to the network without a problem.

I have enabled autoconnect through the command set wlan join 1 also set wlan join 2 does not make the wifly auto connect.

Any ideas? Besides just connecting manually? ???? Thanks for any help

By the way, software version on Wifly is 4.0

Hey there Did you set the alan channel to 0 ("set wlan channel 0") ? Or you can also try ("run web_app") which will set your wifly to AP mode and you can set it up over wifi, and then reboot and see if you have the same problem .

regards Simon