WiFly Sheild web server is not working (solved)

I’m using a WiFly shield which I’ve mounted onto my Arduino Uno R3 with an HP laptop running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Now, I’ve run the SpiUartTerminal.pde code and everything seems to be working perfectly. My WiFly connects to my network just fine. But when I try to test the IP Address of my Arduino on my web browser (Firefox), I get this “Unable to Connect” error as show in the first figure, Figure 1.

I’ve made sure to set my WiFly shield to Port 80 so as to communicate via HTTP. I still get this error. According to sparkfun, I should be seeing the messages as seen in Figure 2 when my WiFly shield receives a request from the Browser. But I don’t see these messages at all.

What’s happening here?? Please help!