Wifly Shield & Ardosc - setPrompt failed


I need to send OSC messages with Arduino via wifi, I’ve found this lib to do this: GitHub - Zapalot/ArdOscForWiFlyHQ: A modified version of ArdOsc for working with the WiFlyHQ library on Arduino

But if I upload this sketch example to send OSC:

#include <WiFlyHQ.h>
#include <ArdOSCForWiFlyHQ.h>

//uncomment this to use a software serial if you dont own a MEGA
//#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
//SoftwareSerial softSerial(softSerialRx,softSerialTx);

WiFly wifly;
OSCClient client(&wifly);
//create new osc message
OSCMessage global_mes;

int globalIntValue=0;
float globalFloatValue=1000;
char* globalString="foo";
void setup()
  //use the convenient setup. Replace <HardwareSerial> by <SoftwareSerial> if you use one.
    &Serial3,   //the serial you want to use (this can also be a software serial)
    115200, // if you use a hardware serial, I would recommend the full 115200
    true,        // should we try some other baudrates if the currently selected one fails?
    "WLAN-466B23",  //Your Wifi Name (SSID)
    "SP-213B33501", //Your Wifi Password 
    "WiFly",                 // Device name for identification in the network
    "",         // IP Adress of the Wifly. if 0 (without quotes), it will use dhcp to get an ip
    8000,                    // WiFly receive port
    "",       // Where to send outgoing Osc messages. "" will send to all hosts in the subnet
    8001,                     // outgoing port
    true        // show debug information on Serial
  wifly.printStatusInfo(); //print some debug information 

void loop()
  //note that the destination adress is set by setting the remote host of the wifly!  
  //three ways of sending messages...
  //simple but not as flexible: the convenience functions:

  //using a local message object allows to multiple additional parameters in a singel message:
  //loacal_mes,str is release by out of scope
  OSCMessage loacal_mes;
  //using a global message object and some global variables works as well

  global_mes.flush(); //object data clear


I receive this error in serial monitor:

Free memory: 915
Trying to connect to this
Connecting to this using Baudrate:115200
setPrompt failed

I’ve buy this shield: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9954
I’m working with aduino IDE 1.0.5
I’ve tried to connect the shield with the “official” Library and the IDE 0023, and it work great. WiFly Shield code library alpha 2 release - SparkFun Electronics

I think it’s because the shield use a SPI connection and the librarie (ArdOscForWiFlyHQ) is trying to communicate with a Rx Tx communication.

I’ve see on this document a UART Device between Arduino and the Wifly: https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/DevTools/Arduino/WiFly_Shield-v17.pdf

Need I to by-pass this and connect the Serials pins directly on the Wifly Rx Tx?

Or I need to modify the exemple to communicate via SPI? How I must do this?

Thank in advance.