Wifly Shield RN-171 as Access Point

Hi, I just bought Wifly Shield v1.0 and tested TCP Server example source code and it works. I wanna ask, can this Wifly Shield become an access point and connect it to Android SmartPhone? If it can, may I ask about how to make this Wifly Shield works as an access point.\ This is the pict of Wifly Shield I'm using (this pic not mine, but it similar with it) I'm sorry for my bad english thx before

You need the newest firmware version to establish an access point with that device. Did you update the firmware already? What version do you have?

hi, I don't know how to check the firmwire version can u tell me how? and how to update new firmwire for this wifi shield? thx

The “ver” command shows the firmware version. "ftp update " is used to update the firmware, the process is described in section 4.5.1 of the manual. You need at least version 4.0 for the access point feature.

can i use teraterm appliccation to see the version of the wifi shield? i only ever try setting the wifishield using code not setting using teraterm

If you configure the jumpers accordingly you can send commands directly from your PC using any serial terminal program, given you use a common Arduino (not the Leonardo).

You can send these commands by code too, it's just not as convenient (in my opinion).