WiFLy wakes up Mini Pro

I have a project that includes a WiFly (not on a shield) and the Mini Pro. After some reading, I've decided the best approach for power management is using the RTC on the WiFly to control waking up both. I'll use the Mini to put both units to sleep after transmission. I've figured out all the pieces of the puzzle (I think) other than getting the WiFLy to wake up the Mini. It seems the only acceptable way to wake the Mini from deep sleep is taking one of the interrupt pins low. If my assessment of the various wake up options on the WiFLy is correct, it will only drive pins high (GPIO8, GPIO4, sensor power, etc) or, better but still not quite workable, drive the RTS pin high on wakeup, then low when the unit is ready. But, the Arduino seems to need the interrupt pin driven high from the time it falls asleep until it goes low for wakeup. My tests of the momentary high then low arrangement on the WiFly RTS after the mini is asleep doesn't seem to work for wakeup. I assume there's an an easy way to get the effect I need with some sort of simple arrangement of components. Any ideas or a better general approach would be appreciated. Thanks!