WiFlyHQ cant connect with any examples


I cant connect to the wireless network using the UDP example.

I get the following error;

setPrompt failed
Failed to enter command mode
Failed to start wifly
Terminal ready

from the code;

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial wifiSerial(8,9);

//#include <AltSoftSerial.h>
//AltSoftSerial wifiSerial(8,9);

#include <WiFlyHQ.h>

/* Change these to match your WiFi network */
const char mySSID[] = "BTHub3-HKP4";
const char myPassword[] = "9d7cdbc6ce";

void terminal();

WiFly wifly;

void setup()
    char buf[32];

    Serial.print("Free memory: ");


    if (!wifly.begin(&wifiSerial, &Serial)) {
        Serial.println("Failed to start wifly");

I have pin bent pins 0,1 so they dont connect to the arduino board, and have put wires to pins 8,9.

changing the code toif (!wifly.begin(&wifiSerial, NULL)) { as discussed on other forums, just gives me the error;

Failed to start wifly
Terminal ready

But this error is irrespective of whether i have the wires routing to 8,9 from 0,1 and irrespective of my SoftwareSerial wifiSerial(8,9); pin values.

Any ideas?