Wii Beacon

Has anyone tried to use the infrared camera in the Wii Remote to track a beacon? This guy made some progress: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7752

The idea is that if the beacon is 2 IR LEDS, you can also tell how far you are from the beacon.

Any idea where to get an I2C IR camera like this other than dissecting a Wii Remote?

Any idea where to get an I2C IR camera

That will do you no good. The imaging chip in the Wii does not produce images. What it does do is track the coordinates of several bright sources. So it is a camera with a built in processing unit.

I've read that about the processor reporting the four brightest points. Pity there is so little information available about it. It is very innovative. They do a lot for $35.

So little information? Are you kidding? Www.stephenhobley.com is a good starting point google is another.