Wii Classic Controller Error

Hi, I am trying to get the Arduino Uno and the Wii Classic Remote to work and this is the error I received:

core.a(main.cpp.o): In function main': C:\Users\Tong\Documents\arduino-0022\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/main.cpp:7: undefined reference tosetup' C:\Users\Tong\Documents\arduino-0022\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino/main.cpp:10: undefined reference to `loop'

Here's code I am using. http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/WiiClassicController

Please help. My project is due to 2 weeks! this is the first time I am using Arduino

What did you do with the code in the link?

I copied and paste to the Arduino software. What are the steps I need to take?

The first block of code on that page DOES contain a setup() function and a loop() function. If you pasted that code as a sketch, and the second block of code in another tab with the correct name and .h extension, the code should compile.

I did that and it is still giving me the same error. Here’s a screen print. Thank you for helping me.


Which version of the IDE are you using? I pasted the first code into the IDE (0022), and the second code into a new tab, named WiiClassic.h. The program failed to compile, but it complained only about the WiiClassic.h file. When I added
#include <WProgram.h> to the WiiClassic.h tab, the program compiled successfully.

Thank you so much for your help. YES! It compiled now.

So, what did you have to change?

I just added #include <WProgram.h>