Wii Nunchuk as tilt sensor?

I want to measure the tilt angle of a pan/tilt head that's driven by gearmotors, instead of steppers or servos.

The knock-off nunchuks from places like dealextreme.com are half the price (or less) of buying an accelerometer chip on a breakout board. I know many people have hooked them to Arduinos. How precise a reading can you get of the angle of tilt with one?



There is a degree of noise in the reading which makes it difficult, also it has to be mounted so that the movement you are interested in coincides with one of the axis. That being said I have not measured this formally but the impression I get in playing with it going into the computer directly (through the Blue Tooth main controller) is about 5 degrees.

Thanks, Mike.

I was hoping for more precision, but I figured it would be in that general vicinity. The noise shouldn't be a problem, if it's truly random: the head doesn't move very fast, so I could use a nice long filter period to clean it up. But the 5-degree resolution is a deal-killer. I could probably do better with a weight on a pot.

Thanks again,