Wii remote idea any help is good.

So I’ve just gotten in to this and just been making the odd ball tried and true Projects. More or less just found guide and made them so far.

Well I got some ideas of stuff I wanna make.
I’ve been on a 8 bit kick for some time now and been playing alot of super Mario 3.
I’ve been playing on my jail broken iPhone useing a video out cable to my tv, and a been stealing my bros standard wii remote for the controller connected by bt. This is fine but there’s 3 problems. one I don’t really have my own wii remote lol. 2nd it’s not that comftable to hold the wii remote like a ness controller for any length of time. 3rd and worse problem is my left index finger slips some times and hits the trigger button on the bottom. With the emulator ive been useing that button(trigger) is the load button. So it’s sucks if u forget to save beat a bunch of levels and u finger slips bam u back to u last save.
I’ve been thinking about this for some time. Should I just buy a wii remote try to mod it to fit in to a nes case (don’t care if it’s thicker) or is there a way with a arduino project to make my own wii remote minus and put it in a nes or custom case? I know u could make a blue tooth controller as a arduino project. But is there a way to make it show up as a wii remote? Since my emulator only works with wii controllers?

As a side note if this can't be done I have another idea. Those 100+ game units in a controller that plugs in to a tv are really just a nes on a chip with the japanes cartridge slot little different then the rest of the world. Jap + famicon(I think that what they called it) every where else got the nes. You can get them for 10-30 bucks . U can buy a adapter to use a USA nes cartridge with them. Follow with me lol. So retrousb sells a nes cart that u can plug a flash card with all ur "home brew" nes roms on it. The problem that cart is like 130 bucks.

So my other Idea is this could i make a arduino project that I plug a flash stick in to with my rooms on it and cut the cart conector off a d wire that to the project?

Hey Warwickben. Did you ever figure out how to make your own Wii remote using the Arduino? I would be really interested in learning more about how you did it.