WiiChuck Issues

I first connected my arduino to the pins shown on the diagram here. Then I went to sketch, Include librarys, and then wiiChuck. I ran the code called Nunchuck_Mapping_Example, then ran it. And in the serial monitor I got this being printed over and over, C⸮⸮⸮eTJ2[⸮ ⸮&@-⸮⸮⸮ ⸮⸮!$Ji⸮@⸮u⸮Pm⸮I|⸮5⸮@⸮(SP ⸮0֙I|⸮(⸮a⸮ ⸮⸮ ⸮. Please help

Check your serial baud rate in serial monitor. It should match the baud rate you had set in your sketch.

Im pretty sure that it is 9600 on both

Im pretty sure that it is 9600 on both

Can you post your complete code using codetags.

Its okey I fixed it quite a while ago sorry for not responding. The code I was using was using a different baud then the serial monitor