wiimote classic controller input

so i originally posted in networking/protocols/devices since its standard i2c, but this might be more appropriate. im trying to get input from a wiimote classic controller (since i couldnt find my nunchuck) to an arduino nano. ive made a little adapter out of cardboard and jumper wire and am using the default ‘nintendo extension cntl’ library from the library manager and loaded ‘classic_debugPrint’ example i have gotten to the point where it stops saying ‘Classic Controller not detected!’ every second (i didnt start with the cardboard adapter :fearful: ) but now it doesnt say anything. no buttons, sticks, anything. if i pull a wire out it goes back to errors. google brought up like 6 or 7 different versions of wiimote libraries for various things, im curious if the default one is the best or if theres a better one, im just trying to get a convient varity of inputs to use testing stepper motor control, pwm, leds, and things like that, although its starting to look like it might be easier to find an ir reciever and use my tv remote

Did you wrote some part of the program? I bet you didn't, it would need capital letters every now and then.

Cheers, Kari

nope, just the default example. just trying for proof of concept at this point. i tried adding Serial.println("Classic Controller detected!"); and a delay before the print.debug line, but no change. makes me very worried that all the pins are right and theres just no signals being output cuz i already cooked it