Is there a way i can get data from the accelerometers off the wiimote(not the nunchuck) not using bluetooth. Like using the ports on the bottom of the wiimote or something, thanks!

The port on the bottom is for connecting the nunchuck so not from that connector…

Why not bluetooth, that would be the easiest option…


If you bought the wiimote specifically for this and you don't need it for anything else, and if you are really inclined on not using bluetooth due to power consumption or something, you could always tear the wiimote apart and use the accelerometers with the arduino.

I wanted to take the data from the buttons and the accelerometers directly to an arduino which would be able to print whatever data it had. How can i accomplish this?

I typed "wiimote" and "arduino" into Google and got 36 000 hits I'm sure one of them will tell you what you need.

This looks like a good starting point.