Will a Arduino Uno Mega Work with a normal Ethernet Caple

Hi I am a 13-Year-old boy that has an Arduino project I got an Arduino Mega2560
will an ethernet cable work to program it ?????


The easiest way to program it is to use a USB lead

There is an ethernet shield that you can put on it, but you still need to use the USB port for programming.

Welcome faisalhamato, I think you will be having a lot of fun. At this point the ethernet cable will not work for you, you need to get some experience before trying it. It requires some additional hardware and code. The default is USB that communicates with your computer through the arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Start with some simple serial.print statements etc. There is a wealth of examples included with the IDE. Getting the IDE to work is the first step. When you connect the USB the LED should start blinking. It is powered through the USB so no external power supply is needed until you add some peripherals. The IDE is not super smart and you need to tell it what you have connected to it in the tools menu. Take your time and have fun!

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