Will a steppermotor demagnetize if u mechanically stop it?

Hi ive done some research on skipping steps on a stepper motor but i cant find anyone actually testing this.
Im doing a project were someone desinged something and they stopped a dc motor by using 2 senosors on a shaft that needed to be turend 90 degrees. then to stop the motor from over rotating there was a mechanical stop and a slip clutch implemented so the motor did not burn. The problem was the slip clutch was to hard to set up proparly and after a while it didnt slip anymore so the motors would be roasted and stop working. My question is what if i replace the dc motor by a stepper and let the stepper serve as the slipping clutch? it wil only be half a second 80 times per day. Some say it doesnt harm the motor but ive read that the poles wil slowly demagetize over time. Is this true or can u really let a stepper motor skip steps without reducing the lifespand?

Im sorry for my english, hope u understand my topic.

I'm not sure about demagnetization, but stopping should do no harm to a properly driven stepper motor. Stepper motors need full power to hold a position under load, so that a mechanical stop is within the safe operation area. Where "properly driven" means voltage or current limited, depending on the stepper type.

It is common for stepper motors to run into hard stops, or to be overloaded, and miss steps. If the stepper motor driver is adusted to limit the coil current to the amount in the motor specification then missing steps is not a problem.

A DC motor is very different. When it is stationary the only limit to the current in the coil is the resistance of the wire in the coil. That can permit a very high current to flow which can burn out the coil. You can get DC motors that are designed to be safely stalled without damage but they are less common.

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Ok thx! :slight_smile: im probably gonna set up a test setup for this principle and run it a few days to see how it goes. If have any results ill keep you updated :slight_smile: