Will anyone code for cash?

I have a project listed on here, you can find it by searching for MXP5100AP absolute pressure. I do not have time to do it myself. I’m willing to pay you to do it for me. It’s fairly simple but again, I’m willing to pay you to do it.

Please include the link itself

Could you also review How to get the best out of this forum as it will help you find your way around.

I could do that all right. here’s the deal I work 12 to 16 hours a day six days a week. I need to monitor something. A vacuum chamber. And I know there’s someone out here that could handle one MXP 5100AP absolute pressure sensor tied into anAdafruit temperature and humidity sensor code with no problem at all. I know you can, you know you can, I’m just saying, I’ll pay you to do it. It’s that simple.

Where’s the details of what’s required ?
I’m sure we can help if we knew what you want to achieve.

Yeah true, please let us know more details with the clear information about the project and your requirement

The title for the thread is MPX5100AP absolute pressure. That will take you directly to it.

No it doesn’t.

Post a link, good grief.


Ya, just put a space in the phrase, like this: “MPX 5100AP”, then it shows up.
Or just search on 5100AP.

Camsyska, thank you! People are asking for more information. Personally I think it’s spelled out very well. The items being used has been presented, the code that I’m using has been presented, and what I would like to add to it has been presented in a very simple form or fashion. I am assuming that no one reads the entire thread? There are only eight replies to it and some of them are mine.What other information is it that they require???

The “Sheesh” was aimed in both directions. You, for pushing for a search that doesn’t resolve (remember, you put the space in the name in one place but not the other? It matters, strangely enough!). Yes, the search engine might do better, but did you actually try the search you recommended before complaining no one was searching? And to the others, for sheer incivility - it’s no badge of honour. Give a noob a break. Obviously, he thought search would work. How many seconds does it take to dumb down the search to find what he’s saying is there - I got it first try! If your excuse is you’re too busy to do that, then just move on, you’re too busy for a noob. It took you longer to be rude, than to “next topic”.

Fredric58, I haven’t the time to engage, for $ or not, but someone might. But there are rules, sometimes referred to as etiquette, and if you don’t go read how to post because “you don’t have time”, why should anyone waste time sorting you out? What makes your time more important than anyone else here? It’s a two-way street. If you don’t conform, many will simply ignore your posts, and others will put on their crankypants, or be difficult, or both. That’s life.

Best of luck

By the way, It’s CAMSYSCA, there’s no frick’n K!!! If you can’t even read your screen, RTFM is a waste of time! (there’s a crankypants example for ya!)

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MXP 5100AP (Absolute Pressure Sensor) UPDATE/EDIT

Here is a “link” I presume…

So let me offer this explanation: “AGAIN” for those too lazy to look it up.

I have an arduino uno R3, I have an Adafruit data logger shield, I have an Adafruit AN2302 ((DHT22). I have code. The “code” data logs the temperature and Humidity every minute. (or… at what interval “I” want.) If you don’t “understand” this part, PLEASE don’t give me a hard time.

What I would like someone to do is “ADD” the MPX5100 AP (absolute pressure sensor) into the “equation”, to… (the code I already posted). So… along with the temperature and Humidity I can also graph the vacuum pressure. (log the vacuum pressure in real time with the temp and humidity). I can not see what other explanation would be required. I posted this in my original thread. The “parts” the “code” and "what I want to accomplish. And this is not to sound rude, If you can’t figure out what it is I need, Need a “safe space” a “cry room” or a “coloring book” or a “link”. DON’T WASTE MY TIME! you can either do it, or you can’t! As for as calibration, I’m at sea level 14.7 PSI. any other questions? then don’t reply, you can’t do it!

Thank you, I stated precisely what I want. If it’s too difficult to understand. Then I need to find someone else. As far as I’m concerned, I followed etiquette these other components, this is the code, this is what I want to accomplish, what more need be said?

So, nobody responded in your other topic since 6 days ago, you’re pissed now and want to pay people to be rude to them?

Ok, i get it…

I have replied to the other topic.

It really doesn’t seem like the sort of code that should have required “paid consulting”; I probably took less time to write code than the people is both threads collectively spent complaining about each other.

You’re right, I’m not pissed off, just frustrated. Yes the code shown is rather simple. However, for me, getting the pressure sensor inside that simple code is not simple. I am also on a time frame. I simply thought if I provided the components I am using and the code I am using, that someone could say “yes I can add the sensor to your code so it logs not only the temperature and the humidity, it will log the vacuum at the same time”. Please accept my apologies. It used to be, back in the day, One would ask, “can you do this…” the answer would be, yes or no. if yes, How much. ok that sounds reasonable, here’s the money, git er done. You stated it is a rather “simple” code. I just figured it would be a piece of cake for someone. Again, apologies to the whole group. I have seen people on youtube do amazing things with arduinos. if you could do this I would consider it amazing. thanks.

One reply was, “you don’t state the vacuum you’re trying to achieve” It shouldn’t matter. The sensor is capable of the vacuum range achievable by a man made machine.
One was, "Water is going to affect… That doesn’t matter either. I understand the physics of a vacuum chamber. I don’t know how to code in the vacuum sensor and I don’t want to have to sit there with a clip board and a pen writing down the analog vacuum dial reading once every minute.

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Did the code you were supplied with work ?

Against my possibly better judgement, I'm going to weigh in here because this might be helpful to Fredrick58 in the future.

I haven't looked at your post in the other thread but I can understand why westfw said it took less time to write than people spend complaining about each other. That happens: people get worked up over details that really aren't important in the big picture and overcomplicate things.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that if you're going to ask for help, even paid help, it's on you to make it easy for people to understand what you need. Saying "just search for this xxx and it will show up" instantly turns me off. I've been "writing code for cash" for a very long time now and in my experience, that's a sign of someone who's going to be difficult to work with. I'm probably often wrong about that, but I've been right enough times in the past that it's become a rule of sorts so I don't even respond even when it's something I can do in my sleep.

So, it's good to hear that you found someone to write your code, hope it all works out for you.

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well thank you for the advice. It will be well taken and used. Again my apologies. I got off to a bad start and really have no excuse. That simple. That said. I'm going to start over.

Welcome anyone who could offer help for a fee. The components I have available are as follows.

  1. Arduino Uno R3
  2. Adafruit Data Logger Shield
  3. Adafruit DHT22, Temp and Humidity Sensor.
  4. I also have a Sparkfun 16x2 LCD, however it's from 2014 (under a magnifying glass) it says, ADM1602K-NSW-FBS/Z-P. It's from an old beginners kit, and has never been used.
  5. I have a MXP 5100 AP (Absolute Pressure sensor from Mouser. Like 0 to 115kPa.

So, those are the parts I have available. SO far, I can data log the DHT because there are all kinds of sketches out there. I can also Print "hello world" on a 16 x 2 LCD Screen. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, what to do with the MXP5100. AND! I do not know how to combine the Temp/Humidity with the LCD, and there is NO WAY, I could figure out how to add the MXP 5100 to the equation.

That said. If you need Links, Data sheets or ANY kind of information, I will provide it to you as quickly as I can upon request.

My GOAL: in a nut shell is to accomplish:

Monitor/ View, and Data log, the Vacuum, the Temperature, The Humidity, and the DEW Point of a vacuum vessel every minute. Misc info of the project. The vessel is 5' x 36' roughly about 886 cu. sq. ft.. The vacuum I can attain is just shy of 29 in.Hg. I'm at sea level, I believe it's right around 14.6/7 (+-) PSI.

Part "B" is even more fun. I have, or will have, 10 to 12 Solenoids to open and close after the data is reviewed and we have found out what actually goes on inside this thing. Simply ask for any info you require and I will make the utmost of an effort to get it posted. Sometimes it isn't easy, some days are 12, 14, 16 hours long.

Thank you for the consideration.

The MXP pressure sensor is ratiometric with applied voltage. That means it will output a reading proportional to pressure and the applied voltage, so it should be pretty easy to use with an Arduino.
The sparkfun display looks like one of the parallel ones (doesn't have an I2C or SPI interface) but if you already have it working, that saves some time.

I do have a couple of adafruit Feather dataloggers on hand, but probably not most of your other existing hardware. If we can figure out a file convention to log to, I can get this done for you.

If your existing code is easily modifiable I can update it to handle the LCD data display and logging to file. That makes things easier if I'm not going to reproduce all your hardware on this end: I generally build the projects I write code for so I can test them.

Send me a PM if interested.

You haven't said anything about the code posted in the other thread: MXP 5100AP (Absolute Pressure Sensor) UPDATE/EDIT - #5 by westfw