Will Arduino IDE run under Windoes 98?

I have an old (but good) Toshiba portable which I would like to use for Arduino s/w development. It currently has Windows 98 loaded. I have downloaded the version 00-22 IDE, but when I try to run it I just get the title screen displayed for a couple of seconds.

Is it possible to run the IDE under Windows 98?


Mike (raw beginner)

I think this is the right document for the Java SE used by Arduino... http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/system-configurations-135212.html

I believe Sun (Oracle) has a Java "system check" that may help answer your question.

Windows 98? Seriously? Wow. Retro. That must be some "good" laptop to still be worth hanging onto 10+ years later.

Coding Badly: I appreciate the quick reply, but I'm afraid don't understand it. What's this Java stuff about?

In my ignorance I'd assumed there would be a simple yes/no answer.

The Arduino IDE is a Java application. Your computer has to support a Java version capable of running the Arduino IDE.

One possibility is that your computer has a version of Java already installed that is interfering with Arduino. If this is true, updating may help.

For a machine that old, I would think you would get more functionality in it by just installing Linux.